AutoCAD ShortCut Keys

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CTRL+A - Selects ALL objects in drawing
CTRL+B - Toggles Snap
CTRL+C - Copies objects to Clipboard
CTRL+D - Toggles coordinate display
CTRL+E - Cycles through isometric planes
CTRL+F - Toggles running object snaps
CTRL+G - Toggles Grid
CTRL+H - Toggles PICKSTYLE on/off
CTRL+J - Executes last command
CTRL+L - Toggles Ortho mode
CTRL+N - Creates a new drawing
CTRL+O - Opens existing drawing
CTRL+P - Prints current drawing
CTRL+R - Cycles layout viewports
CTRL+S - Saves current drawing
CTRL+T - Toggles Tablet Mode
CTRL+V - Pastes data from Clipboard
CTRL+X - Cuts objects to Clipboard
CTRL+Y - Repeats last action
CTRL+Z - Reverses last action
CTRL+[ - Cancels current command - forget this - use escape key
CTRL+\ - Cancels current command - forget this - use escape key
F1 - Displays Help
F2 - Toggles text window on/off
F3 - Toggles OSNAP
F4 - Toggles TABMODE
F5 - Toggles ISOPLANE
F6 - Toggles COORDS
F7 - Toggles GRIDMODE
F8 - Toggles ORTHOMODE
F9 - Toggles SNAPMODE
CTRL+0 - Clean Screen
CTRL+1 - Properties
CTRL+2 - Design Center
CTRL+3 - Tool Palettes Window
CTRL+4 - Sheet Set Manager
CTRL+5 - Info Palette
CTRL+6 - dbConnect
CTRL+7 - Markup Set Manager
CTRL+8 - QuickCalc
CTRL+9 - Command Line

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